Saturday, July 15, 2017

Seriously: I Completely Changed My Body in Only 3 Months

I’ve always gone through ebbs and flows with my body—and I’m sure that’s true for most humans (men included). I’ve tried every crash diet and trendy workout craze only to come to the same conclusion every time: It’s not for me. When it came down to it, I hated working out, and I loathed restricting myself even more. I love food. I began to accept that my penchant for soup dumplings is a huge part of me—and, subsequently, my happiness. I wasn’t willing to give that up just to shed a couple pounds. Though, many times, my “this is me” attitude allowed for unhealthy lifestyle choices. I knew I had to make a change, but I refused to let said change ruin my life.

It seems serendipitous, but the more I allowed my brain to give up its lifelong quest for the perfect body—as if there’s even such a thing—the more I started noticing inches gone from my waistline.
Seriously, this is not a drill. Why? Because rather than spend two hellish weeks on whatever regime I had read about that month, I began making very small adjustments. Such changes never interfere with afternoons spent on the couch and Chinese food delivery orders (perhaps my two favorite things).
And they work: I lost a significant amount of weight in three months. The best part? I didn’t even realize it was happening until one day, my favorite trousers slipped right off my newly lean figure. (Don’t worry, I’ve since had them tailored and wear them more often than I’d like to admit.)
These are the secrets to losing weight without giving up… anything.

This one seems counterintuitive, but it works. I used to trash my leftovers because I thought that would save me from overeating. (Most restaurants supply a heftier portion than recommended.) However, if you save your doggy bag, you’ve just supplied yourself with a free meal for the next day. That way, both meals stay in line with the proper serving size, and you can spend your money on important things like handbags and shoes
Another easy option, according to Farah Fahad, a dietitian, is to wrap up a portion of your meal and swap in some veggies. "Take your serving of pasta and cut it in half," Fahad says. "Then replace the other half with your favorite vegetable. This will automatically make the dish a lot lighter and nutrient-dense, as well as keep you full and happy."

Stop Weighing Yourself

Weighing yourself can drive you crazy. Our intake of food and drink makes it so that our bodies fluctuate throughout the day. If you weigh yourself in the morning, it may read something different than at night. So why do it? It’s difficult to gauge what that number really means anyway. Muscle weighs more than fat, after all. It’ll make you feel bad if the number is higher than you expected it to be—and feeling bad is a waste of your time.
"I am not a fan of weighing yourself," says Amy Rosoff Davis, Selena Gomez’s longtime trainer. "I think it breeds obsessive thoughts and behaviors. If you work out and eat healthy, your body should do the rest! When you have a healthy mind, body, and soul, the results will come. I prefer the jean test. You know how your pants fit, so go off of that instead of a number." Essentially, leave the scales to your yearly checkups, and you’ll live a far more blissful, body-loving life.


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