Saturday, August 27, 2016

Never Enough Handbags!

Handbags, purses and wallets; three things that we women never seem to have enough of! We all need our different handbags for different purposes; there’s one for regular use, one for shopping, one for a ladies’ night, one for travelling and several more for different occasions. But, hang on! No one’s cribbing and YES there are more reasons and NO REASONS to buy more, stock more and flaunt mo

Handbag trends come and go, they change faster than one can even say the word itself! When choosing a handbag, it is necessary to check the material, size, space and pockets according to the specific need in mind, if any! Let’s take a look at the top 3 ‘essentials’

1. The Daily Use Handbag
 Fringe Handbag

Whether or not you are a working woman, everyone has errands to do. If you go to office, you need a spacious daily use handbag with enough pockets to keep your wallet, umbrella, , makeup, keys, tissues… and a lot more! There need to be segregated compartments for items and you need to divide everything according to frequency of use. Make sure it has a small pocket on the outside to keep all the things you need from time to time, to avoid opening the entire bag. Choose a material that can withstand changing weather and also be sturdy to carry load. Also, choose dark colors to avoid it getting dirty!

2. Crossbody Handbags

If you travel around with a lot of stuff, a Crossbody handbag is more convenient. It spreads the weight and you won’t complain of paining shoulders and neck. It’s all the more convenient if you are using public transport and need to be on your toes from here to there and everywhere. Crossbody handbags are a great travel companion and usually have enough space for all your needs.

3. Clutches and Evening Bags

Yes, these are really an essential. You don’t want to be at a party in your fine dress and made up hair with a large, heavy bag weighing you down. For evenings choose feminine, bright and vivacious clutches and evening bags that have just enough room for your phone, money and yes the lipstick! You can opt for delicate fabrics and light materials for it.

There is no limit, and 3 is definitely not a limit. Start with these 3 and add to your glorious collection of handbags, wallets and purses. One for each day; what do you think ladies?

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