Saturday, January 7, 2017

Designer Handbags- Yay or Nay?

Women across the globe are known for their endless love for handbags! It’s an accessory that ranges from basic to luxury and from a ‘must have’ to a ‘need’. Today, there are so many brands and designers thriving on this love of women and offering all kinds of bags and purses for women. There are so many different kinds; each with its unique purpose that it is obvious that women want them all! Designer handbags are expensive but offer unmatched quality. They last longer and come with a guarantee for durability. What most women don’t understand is that while you may spend more on a designer bag, it’s a one-time investment that lasts for a long time! Unlike the cheaper, ‘non-designer’ bags, you don’t need to change your bag frequently and rely on the quality of your designer statement bags.

So what’s the solution? The most logical solution is to have a mix of designer handbags and other trendy ones. For everyday use or for days when you really have to up your glam quotient, rely on the designer ones and for lazy casual days you can flaunt your ‘off the street’ bags. Let’s break this down!

1.      Evening Purses and bags
A good evening purse is an absolute must! Invest in a good quality designer handbag or purse for those formal dinners or cocktail evenings. They are classic and will go well with your formal attire.

2.      Cross Body bag
A cross body bag for a day out shopping with your girls, you can pick the one you got from a flea market, but if it’s a cross body bag for travelling and holidays, you want to invest in a designer piece for the durability and quality.

3.      Wallets
A wallet is something you will probably carry every day and everywhere! You don’t need to be very brand conscious for a wallet as it generally lies within a handbag. The best combination for daily use would be a trendy wallet with a designer handbag!

You get the hint right? If it’s a bag that needs to be used extensively and needs to carry a lot of stuff, it is always better to opt for designer handbags. You may be spending more at a time but in the long run it’s absolutely worth the money! Collect all shapes and sizes and colors, and keep a few statement designer handbags to complete your collection.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Glittering Jewelry Glam!

Jewelry was, is and will always be a trending fashion accessory! There is something mesmerizing about the sparkle and glimmering of jewels that makes them so fascinating. Even a tiny little piece of glimmering jewelry can add oodles of class, style and elegance to your overall look. Jewelry for women is available in all shapes and sizes, colors and cuts, varying uses and multiple purposes. From head to toe, there are specific jewelry accessories that can be combined together to make up for a perfect work wear look, party look, day look, evening look or just any other time of the day look!

Many women underestimate the power and charisma of statement jewelry pieces. While earrings are probably the most worn jewelry piece, there are many others that can totally up your style quotient! Even when it comes to earrings, there are numerous different styles and types, each with a unique look and purpose. Let’s take a look at some jewelry accessories you absolutely must have and show off!

1.      Earrings
Definitely the number 1 of all jewelry accessories. Collect all types and understand what kind goes well with different types of outfits and occasions. Stud earrings are great for work wear and with outfits that have heavy detailing on the neckline. Long chandelier earrings look great for evening wear and off shoulder dresses. Similarly, you must pick up some trendy earrings too like feather earrings, wooden, thread, beads, hoops and other unconventional designs.

2.      Charm Bracelets
Charm bracelets have a unique look that is unmatched. While simpler bracelets like the rope design are classics, a charm bracelet is unique and can transform your look to chic and girly! Additionally, ankle bracelets look very beautiful too and are perfect with floral summer dresses or even pool side parties!

3.      Pendants
A delicate pendant or a chunky one or even the trending fashion necklaces; each has its own charm and style. Just make sure you don’t overdo it and your earrings and pendants don’t clash! Keep the focus on any one!

4.      Jewelry Rings
Small rings with gemstones, a big rock or statement rings; play and experiment with all and different kinds to make your fingers talk!

It is necessary to understand the pairing and perfect art of combining numerous pieces of jewelry together. It adds a defining sparkle to your look and definitely makes your outfit glamorous and dazzling!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Winter Fashion Must Haves!

While fashion trends keep changing one cannot deny there are certain ‘musts’ and ‘dos’ that are constant for every season. Winter season is round the corner and it’s time to bring out all the warm and large winter clothing. But does winter mean a dull time for fashion? No way! Unlike a few decades back, today winter fashion is as dynamic and stylish as fashion wear for any other season. There is so much demand for exclusive winter fashion wear that brands and designers, across the globe, offer niche winter wear to make cold days stylish and trendy!

The most important fashion tip for winter wear is Layering! You need to understand and learn the art of layering your clothes in a way that it not only looks stylish and blends well together but also keeps you warm and protected. Large overcoats, sweaters, beanies, boots, gloves, socks, scarves… everything needs to be blended well creating a stylish layered look without making you look like an oversized ball of wool! Certain winter must haves include:

-          Scarves and Shawl
You can never have enough! Experiment with different colors, designs, patterns, solids and prints. You can get great wool scarves or silk scarves for winters and team them up with almost every winter attire!

-          Winter Gloves
Leather gloves, woolen gloves, half finger… the options are endless! You can buy a classic pair or buy them all and keep your hands stylishly warm!

-          Boots
It’s time to store away all the strappy flats and bring out the warm boots. Ankle boots, high boots, boots with heels or flat; women’s boots are available in such a large variety and a good pair of leather boots is an absolute must!

-          Knit Hats and Beanies
Don’t ignore the uber cute and stylish look of beanies for girls and women. They keep you warm and protected while adding a great statement fashion look. You can get them in a host of colors and patterns.

-          Trench Coat
It’s a classic statement attire that continues to be stylish and in vogue! A trench coat is great for day as well as evening wear and will make you look stylishly winter ready!

It’s time to beat the winter blues with the warmth of fashion and trends! Get your winter fashion on point and make heads turn. It’s all about layering and mixing accessories and trends together.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Accessorize Right; Make a Statement!

Fashion and trends are dynamic and ever changing. Keeping up with trends can be exhausting; but then anything worthwhile requires constant attention! The world of fashion is vast and encompasses a large number of big and small elements that together make up for it. Most people consider clothes to be the most important element, forgetting the basic fact that good clothes together cannot make a complete outfit. Yes, there’s a difference between clothing and an outfit.

Accessories are a big and significant part of an outfit. You can wear a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt but it’s the right accessories that will turn it into a stunning outfit. Jewelry, scarves, belts, handbags, watches, hats are some of the many accessories you can choose from. The most important thing is to understand how to pair the right accessories. Here are some tips for choosing accessories:

-          Accessorize for the Weather
Your accessories must be in sync with the weather. Women’s Boots on a hot sunny day are as pointless as a sun hat on a rainy day! Don’t look at what time of the year it is, look at the current weather!

-          Layering
Layering your accessories creates a stylish blend of trends. Wool gloves, with silk scarves, a statement watch… just don’t overdo it! There’s no rule that says you need to stick to only one accessory at a time. Blend them well together.

-          Basics Vs Bold
You need to create a mix between the basics and the bold accessories you combine. Handbags, belts, wallets and watches are basics where as earrings, necklaces and other jewelry are bold statement pieces. Mix in a minimal doze of both!

-          Classic Vs Trendy
There are some accessories like the good old Pearl necklace that are classic and will always be in fashion, where as some accessories are more ‘current’ and ‘today’, like gemstone bracelets… understand the difference between the two and how to pair them.

No attire is complete unless you bring in accessories and add to the overall look of the clothes. The right mix and match of accessories can transform a piece of clothing from drab to glam. Also, a single change of accessories like stud to chandelier earrings can transform a dress from work wear to party wear! It’s all a game of accessories and once you ace this simple trick, you’ll be a diva all the time!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Never Enough Handbags!

Handbags, purses and wallets; three things that we women never seem to have enough of! We all need our different handbags for different purposes; there’s one for regular use, one for shopping, one for a ladies’ night, one for travelling and several more for different occasions. But, hang on! No one’s cribbing and YES there are more reasons and NO REASONS to buy more, stock more and flaunt mo

Handbag trends come and go, they change faster than one can even say the word itself! When choosing a handbag, it is necessary to check the material, size, space and pockets according to the specific need in mind, if any! Let’s take a look at the top 3 ‘essentials’

1. The Daily Use Handbag
 Fringe Handbag

Whether or not you are a working woman, everyone has errands to do. If you go to office, you need a spacious daily use handbag with enough pockets to keep your wallet, umbrella, , makeup, keys, tissues… and a lot more! There need to be segregated compartments for items and you need to divide everything according to frequency of use. Make sure it has a small pocket on the outside to keep all the things you need from time to time, to avoid opening the entire bag. Choose a material that can withstand changing weather and also be sturdy to carry load. Also, choose dark colors to avoid it getting dirty!

2. Crossbody Handbags

If you travel around with a lot of stuff, a Crossbody handbag is more convenient. It spreads the weight and you won’t complain of paining shoulders and neck. It’s all the more convenient if you are using public transport and need to be on your toes from here to there and everywhere. Crossbody handbags are a great travel companion and usually have enough space for all your needs.

3. Clutches and Evening Bags

Yes, these are really an essential. You don’t want to be at a party in your fine dress and made up hair with a large, heavy bag weighing you down. For evenings choose feminine, bright and vivacious clutches and evening bags that have just enough room for your phone, money and yes the lipstick! You can opt for delicate fabrics and light materials for it.

There is no limit, and 3 is definitely not a limit. Start with these 3 and add to your glorious collection of handbags, wallets and purses. One for each day; what do you think ladies?

Thursday, August 25, 2016

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Monday, August 5, 2016

The Vibrant World of Fashion Jewelry

Women love to dress up! The world of fashion is so dynamic and ever-changing that it can sometimes be a real task to keep up with the trends and changes. But, do we really mind that?
Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Powerful Leather for All Weather 

Leather is a versatile material that has been used in the world of fashion for as long as fashion dates back. In ancient times, leather was considered a masculine material for armor and accessories for men.

The main reason is its sturdy nature and solid appearance. Think of all the hot men in the movie ‘Troy’ flaunting leather and metal from head to toe.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Accessory Trends: The Anklet 

Fashion trends come and go but one particular accessory seems to have made a surprising recovery – yes, we’re talking to the beloved by all 90s girls and women anklet!

Anklets, or also known as ankle bracelets and ankle chains are not just super cute but can transform your entire outfit without being its centerpiece.
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