Saturday, June 24, 2017

Un-Lazy Ways to Wear Sweatpants in Public

It wasn't so long ago that your trusty pair of sweatpants was relegated to Sunday mornings or the late-night trips to the store to pick up a carton of milk. It wasn’t that we didn’t like our sweatpants — we actually loved them —it was just that we didn’t really consider them ready for prime time.
Thanks to the burgeoning athleisure trend over the past couple of years, things certainly have changed. Sweatpants, along with other casual styles like bra tops, yoga pants, leggings and sneakers, are now at the front of our wardrobes and being worn proudly for all occasions. You’re now almost as likely to see a pair of joggers or leggings on the pins of street style stars as you are a pair of cropped jeans.
If you’re used to wearing your joggers with your beloved college hoodie or a T-shirt, it’s time to start playing around with your sweatpants outfits. There are a surprising number of items that work with your trackies besides casual basics. For some inspo, read on to see the different ways you can style your sweatpants outfits.

Swap your go-to neutral sweatpants for a brighter color. A roomy coat and  sneakers give your joggers a cool contemporary vibe. 

Think of your black sweatpants as something to build upon. Try yours with your favorite sweater and sneakers. Note that you can never go wrong with a jacket draped over your shoulders and a wide-brimmed hat.

Fashion rules? What fashion rules? Ignore everything you thought you knew about layering and tuck a zip-up jacket into your sweatpants. Then half tuck an oversized button-down on top. Accessorize with statement heels and you have yourself a unique look that slays.

The quickest way to take your joggers from casual to fierce is by choosing a sequined pair. Once you do that, it doesn't really matter what you wear with them. 

Stay warm but look chic by teaming your joggers with a tweed coat and coordinating patterned scarf. Statement socks and fashion girl-approved white sneakers complete the ensemble.

Substitute your usual black pants for a comfy pair of sweatpants. See these black joggers worn with an oversized cardigan, button-down blouse and blue peacoat for inspiration on how to master the look. 

Who said that sweatpants have to be basic? These printed gold joggers are the star of the show. Not even the metallic high-tops or the oversized peach cardigan can compete.

Color and pattern elevate your average pair of sweats, but don't forget about texture. 


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Saturday, June 17, 2017

15 Simple Ways to Change Up Your Look for 2017

If you repeat outfits so much you could be a cartoon character, it may be time to change up your look. The first month of the year is the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe. With just a few styling tricks, your 2017 closet reboot will be easier than ever. Check the slideshow above for 15 next-level outfit ideas.

In lieu of your usual sweater, take the dress-over-pants trend for a spin. Bonus points if your frock of choice is a bell-sleeve, semi-sheer, velvet-accented number that combines three trending looks in an unobvious way.

Let your pants do the most, whether you’re partial to patterned, wide-leg styles or daring (yet neutral) patent slacks. We love this black pair.

Cheer up your wardrobe with a rainbow print creation. Make it pop by subbing your neutral everyday beanie for one in a more striking hue.

Let your outerwear be the main attraction. Experiment with fabric and proportion. Trade in your classic coat for an off-kilter yet digestible version. Eye-catching mixed paneling, colorblocked fur, oversized, 70s-inspired shearling numbers — all fair game.

We’ll call this the belt-sold-separately look. Decorate — and add definition to — your waistband with a standout band. Wrap it twice around your waist or fashion it into an oversized bow.

Two coats are better than one. Those who will never consider puffers fashionable stay warm in fur-lined denim cloaked in a coordinating patterned shawl.

It's time to trade in your black scarf for a more memorable hue. Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel (think pink and green) are the perfect complement.

Want to add some drama to your work wardrobe? Belt your scarf over your suit. It creates a feminine silhouette and keeps your scarf from flapping in the wind.


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Saturday, June 10, 2017

FACT: Anyone Can Pull Off A Denim Skirt

Those who are trend-conscious know that fashion is nothing if not cyclical. It’s a snake eating its own tail. And, as was inevitable, the mouth of said snake has reached a particularly stiff, hard-to-swallow bit. Within the past year or so, the denim skirt, a relic of the early 2000s (when everyone’s style was generally bad), has made a comeback.

Today’s denim minis are decidedly chicer than those favored by Paris and Kristin Cavallari, however. They’re clean, polished. Their hemlines are (slightly) longer, their frays more deliberate, their waistlines higher. They come paired with see-through turtlenecks and coordinating denim jackets (Bella), outsize, pseudo-professional button-downs that add interest and coverage (Rihanna), tailored coats, statement purses and hardware-accented brogues (Selena). Still, it’s a hard silhouette to pull off, especially for those of us with more curves and shorter limbs than the aforementioned celebs.
On the streets, jean skirt outfits came styled with ruffled knitwear and feminine footwear. One showgoer introduced a springy alternative to the Canadian tux: a midi chambray pencil skirt worn with a matching button-down of exaggerated proportions. Another kept things casual with a bold hoodie, oversized denim jacket and shiny thigh-highs. Like Leandra Medine, we’re all about complementing our denim skirts with statement socks and loafers, slinky silk midi dresses or structured, cheerily printed blouses.
Still not convinced? Trust us, nowadays there’s a denim skirt to suit all shapes and tastes. You’ve got 70s-inspired button-fronts of all lengths and washes, bodycon pencil skirts (a favorite of Nadia Aboulhosn), side-slit maxis, embroidered minis, boxy carpenter skirts…the list goes on and on. 

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Saturday, June 3, 2017

How to Style Fishnets Like a Pro

As we predicted, the future of fashion is fishnet. Once owned by the punk, pinup, grunge and goth crowds, the diamond-patterned material reentered the fashion zeitgeist by way of the Fall 2016 runways. Antonio Marras favored shin-high fishnets, Max Mara went with classic cut-outs and Jeremy Scott made the case for XL diamonds. The eye-grabbing legwear quickly caught on with the fashion set, namely Lourdes Leon (whose mom is a noted fishnet advocate), and Sarah Snyder.
Fishnet adds edge to any outfit, whether it’s in sock, tights, shirt or even dress form. That’s right — not only is fishnet in the midst of a serious comeback, it’s taking on new, innovative forms. Don’t be daunted — the rebellious pattern (in all its iterations) is surprisingly easy to pull off. The more hesitant among us might start by pairing denim minis with fishnet tights. #Freethenipple advocates can jump right in and swap their sheer turtlenecks for tops of the diamond-net persuasion. As with any trend, you decide how far down the rabbit hole you go.
But first, some styling tips. 

What's "too much"? Team your fearless legwear with a miniskirt, neutral sweater and patterned outwear. Polish off the look with ladylike shoes and coordinating (metallic) socks.

Another (more wearable) suggestion: use grids to dress up a standard sneaker-dress combo.

Fishnet stockings add edge to any boho or slip dress. Finish off the ensemble with a white tee and oversized black blazer and let the 90s, punk and corporate vibes collide.

Worn as a statement sock, fishnets can add a touch of interest (sex appeal, rebelliousness) to an otherwise casual, menswear-inspired look. Extra points if the cuff matches your chunky combat boots, which, by the way, go great with 'nets. (Utilitarian footwear detracts from the pinup factor in a good way.)

Same principle, but with sandals, cropped pants and stockings.

Another option is to play up the pinup vibes with retro, high-waisted shorts. Of course, you'll still want to balance out your 'fit with a not-so-skin-showy topper and "boyish" accessories.

Denim stylist extraordinaire Sarah Snyder likes her holey hose peering out from beneath lace-up denim. 

Prefer your oversized tees and hoodies without a side of thigh-grazing boots? Here's a happy, eye-grabbing alternative.


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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Here’s How You Pull Off the Bustier Trend IRL

Bustier tops and corsets have traditionally been kept hidden under clothes or reserved for the bedroom. But this season, corset tops and bustiers are coming out of the lingerie closet as the finishing touch to a chic outfit. 

You can credit fashion for helping to popularize the trend by sending white corset belts down the runway, but we’ve also seen the look on the streets. Currently taking over street style, bustier tops of all shapes and sizes are being paired with everything from oversized white shirts to coordinating suit jackets. Surprisingly, it all works.
If you want to try taking your corsets and bustier tops out of the bedroom and onto the streets, let these fashion girls show you how it’s done.


White There

A white shirt is something that people say you can wear with literally everything and this outfit proves how accurate that statement is. Style an oversized white shirt with your equally versatile jeans and add a corset top. Mega platform boots and panda bag optional.


Blue and Burgundy

If you want to try the bustier-as-outerwear trend, you probably want to really showcase the look, so choose a corset in a contrasting shade as your top. Tie everything together by wearing a pair of printed pants that have the same two shades

Toughen Up

Add some edge to a floral dress by layering on a black bustier top. A pair of coordinating over-the-knee boots will tie everything together. 

I See Blue
Can you see it? For a sexy yet understated look, coordinate your corset top with your outfit. Black is the easiest, but don't be afraid to try.

Suited and Booted

Love the idea of wearing a suit, but not the corporate cliché that comes with it? Try a black suit with cropped flares and an oversized jacket. You can keep the traditional white shirt, but try adding a bold black bustier

Underwear as Outerwear

The old faithful white shirt is one of the most popular pieces to pair with your bustier because you can style the look with almost everything. If you're wearing a patterned corset, try wearing another printed piece, like this striped bustier with plaid skirt. It's the right kind of mix.

Double Trouble

These fashion girls nailed the trend in two decidedly different ways. A black bustier with matching trousers gives the illusion of a jumpsuit, while a black corset top adds some serious edge to a sweet dress.

Gold Times

You can rock a corset in almost any weather. On warmer days, try a bustier top with a black T-shirt and denim mini. If you're feeling chilly, you can always throw on a bright jacket.


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