Saturday, June 17, 2017

15 Simple Ways to Change Up Your Look for 2017

If you repeat outfits so much you could be a cartoon character, it may be time to change up your look. The first month of the year is the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe. With just a few styling tricks, your 2017 closet reboot will be easier than ever. Check the slideshow above for 15 next-level outfit ideas.

In lieu of your usual sweater, take the dress-over-pants trend for a spin. Bonus points if your frock of choice is a bell-sleeve, semi-sheer, velvet-accented number that combines three trending looks in an unobvious way.

Let your pants do the most, whether you’re partial to patterned, wide-leg styles or daring (yet neutral) patent slacks. We love this black pair.

Cheer up your wardrobe with a rainbow print creation. Make it pop by subbing your neutral everyday beanie for one in a more striking hue.

Let your outerwear be the main attraction. Experiment with fabric and proportion. Trade in your classic coat for an off-kilter yet digestible version. Eye-catching mixed paneling, colorblocked fur, oversized, 70s-inspired shearling numbers — all fair game.

We’ll call this the belt-sold-separately look. Decorate — and add definition to — your waistband with a standout band. Wrap it twice around your waist or fashion it into an oversized bow.

Two coats are better than one. Those who will never consider puffers fashionable stay warm in fur-lined denim cloaked in a coordinating patterned shawl.

It's time to trade in your black scarf for a more memorable hue. Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel (think pink and green) are the perfect complement.

Want to add some drama to your work wardrobe? Belt your scarf over your suit. It creates a feminine silhouette and keeps your scarf from flapping in the wind.


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