Saturday, May 27, 2017

Here’s How You Pull Off the Bustier Trend IRL

Bustier tops and corsets have traditionally been kept hidden under clothes or reserved for the bedroom. But this season, corset tops and bustiers are coming out of the lingerie closet as the finishing touch to a chic outfit. 

You can credit fashion for helping to popularize the trend by sending white corset belts down the runway, but we’ve also seen the look on the streets. Currently taking over street style, bustier tops of all shapes and sizes are being paired with everything from oversized white shirts to coordinating suit jackets. Surprisingly, it all works.
If you want to try taking your corsets and bustier tops out of the bedroom and onto the streets, let these fashion girls show you how it’s done.


White There

A white shirt is something that people say you can wear with literally everything and this outfit proves how accurate that statement is. Style an oversized white shirt with your equally versatile jeans and add a corset top. Mega platform boots and panda bag optional.


Blue and Burgundy

If you want to try the bustier-as-outerwear trend, you probably want to really showcase the look, so choose a corset in a contrasting shade as your top. Tie everything together by wearing a pair of printed pants that have the same two shades

Toughen Up

Add some edge to a floral dress by layering on a black bustier top. A pair of coordinating over-the-knee boots will tie everything together. 

I See Blue
Can you see it? For a sexy yet understated look, coordinate your corset top with your outfit. Black is the easiest, but don't be afraid to try.

Suited and Booted

Love the idea of wearing a suit, but not the corporate cliché that comes with it? Try a black suit with cropped flares and an oversized jacket. You can keep the traditional white shirt, but try adding a bold black bustier

Underwear as Outerwear

The old faithful white shirt is one of the most popular pieces to pair with your bustier because you can style the look with almost everything. If you're wearing a patterned corset, try wearing another printed piece, like this striped bustier with plaid skirt. It's the right kind of mix.

Double Trouble

These fashion girls nailed the trend in two decidedly different ways. A black bustier with matching trousers gives the illusion of a jumpsuit, while a black corset top adds some serious edge to a sweet dress.

Gold Times

You can rock a corset in almost any weather. On warmer days, try a bustier top with a black T-shirt and denim mini. If you're feeling chilly, you can always throw on a bright jacket.


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