Saturday, April 22, 2017

2017 Is the Year To Rethink Pink

Pink has been rebranded. Once a symbol of dated gender binaries, pink is now the color of powerful optimistic statements - Trump shading pussy hats, shapley, multiethnic barbie dolls, a cosmetics company that values realism over illusion
Those of us who cast aside our bubble gum pink paraphernalia the moment we grew old enough to shop for ourselves — and those of who still loved the hue but grew sick of the vaguely offensive “girly girl” associations — now have reason to reach for our rose-colored glasses.

Pink was omnipresent on the Spring 2017 runways. From toned-down pastels to electrified berry tones, pink showed up on the runways. Oftentimes it took the form of frilly, draped, sequined, satin or tulle-heavy frocks — but not always. Overall, the message was thus: Wear loads of pink and wear it however the hell you want (with an emphasis on tonal looks).

For Fall 2017, the pink trend forged on. Much like the streets, the runways were all about colorblocking

Needless to say, industry movers (of all gender identities, but for our purposes, we’re showing you the women) are down for the pink cause. Our favorite show-side sightings featured matchy-matchy mixed materials or paired hot pink with denim.

Trust us, even the most glittery pink pieces are now considered neutrals. In other words, it’s time to have some fun. 


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