Friday, November 14, 2014

Scarves for Women – Accessories with Versatility

Scarves For Women Make Great Gifts

For some women, scarves are just as important to the wardrobe as are the shoes they wear, while other women only wear scarves occasionally to accessorize; however, no one can argue that, when it comes to fashion, there is no accessory that is more versatile than a scarf. Accessory Hut has scarves for women that are perfect for gift giving.

In fact, one simple scarf can easily change any ensemble.  With one quick scarf change, you can go from the office to a dinner party without having to go home first.

Scarves for women – accessories with versatility

Scarves are so versatile they can complement a women’s wardrobe in a variety of ways, so let’s take a look at just a few ways below:

Update any look: a scarf can bring any outfit to life for a more modern look. It can even revive an outfit that was in style 3 years ago.

 Classic Plaid Scarf - Black

Change of season: a fall outfit can easily be morphed into a winter outfit by simply accessorizing with a scarf.  All you have to do is bring the season into your look with a splash of color and change of material.
 Classic Plaid Pashmina - Red/Grey

Reinvent yourself: simply adding a scarf to your wardrobe for a new look can sometimes be just as effective as getting a makeover.  By alternating different looks with different scarves, a number of fashion statements can be created quickly and easily. 
Butterfly Print Scarf

Make a good impression: a scarf can add to a professional look for those times when making a first good impression means everything.
 Must Have Bohemian Scarf

Classy look: scarves can be worn with an all-black outfit or a white T-shirt for a sleek, classy look.

Adds color: a scarf seamlessly brightens up a drab outfit, like a gray pant suit.

Save money—accessorize with a scarf

Buying a new outfit can really add up, even if you get it on sale – a  new outfit can easily cost over $100, and will probably go out of style after a few months anyways. When you compare that to the cost of a new scarf, the implicit savings are quite substantial.

Never boring

As a fashion investment, scarves are unique because they’re never boring. They come in different materials, shapes and sizes; each one represents a distinctive look.  For example, there are exquisite silk scarves for special occasions and cotton for a more casual look, but they also come in other materials, such as cashmere, nylon, satin, Pashmina, etc.  Some scarves even come beaded, crocheted, or hand-made.

Wear your scarf in a variety of ways

The most straightforward way to wear a scarf is to just let it drape over your shoulders, but there are countless other ways to wear a scarf.

Scarves for women are just a few of the things that we specialize in. Here at the Accessory Hut, we love to help women have fun with their wardrobes by mixing and matching different accessories such as shoes, handbags, sunglasses or jewelry.  To see our wide selection of scarves, check out our website, and don’t forget to see what we have on sale.